National Heroes Day
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National Heroes Day

This website is dedicated solely to the true heroes across America who would not otherwise have been recognized for their selfless acts.

National Heroes Day was founded to honor everyday heroes. This day, July 20, honors those extraordinary individuals throughout our 50 states who are role models for others: whose selfless acts have saved lives, who fight bravely against impossible odds and who light the path for others by setting a shining example. We thank you for your courage and integrity.

This Day was inspired by the true heroes of the Aurora theater shooting – the two civilian and two military boys who sacrificed their lives saving others, to those injured and still fighting, to civilians and first responders -- whose brave actions preserved life on July 20, 2012 but whose actions were never honored.

To read more about some of the heroes of that day, click here :

We humbly acknowledge all heroes, including the four who inspired this day: